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Pantry Moths – Signs You Have Pantry Moths

One of the first signs that you have pantry moths is seeing one or more moths flying around the kitchen at night, looking for light or a partner. The moths have a wingspan of 5/8 inch and are about 1/2 inch long. The two most common pantry moths are a greyish-brown Indian Meal Moth with a reddish underside and a buff-white Mediterranean Flour Moth with no colouration.

Hundreds of moth eggs and larvae are likely to be found in one or more food containers for every adult moth you see fluttering around the kitchen. Pantry moths prefer dry food that has been resting on the back of your shelf for a lengthy period. Cocoon webbing or worm-like moth larvae surrounding cupboards and food storage places indicate the presence of moths. Even a moth may fly out of a cereal box when opened.

A closer look may show moth eggs, which are greyish-white tints only 1 to 2 hundredths of an inch long. Depending on the feeding supply, the larvae are off-white, 12-inch long, five-legged caterpillars. Depending on the kind, they can be green, pale pink, or brown.

Are Moths Harmful?

As a general rule, moths pose little threat to human health or safety. Except for the fact that mature moths aren’t deadly and don’t bite or have venom, most moths are entirely safe to swallow. The spiky hairs on the larvae’s bodies, however, can have a minor effect on human skin.

The prickly hairs resembling spines on certain moth larvae caterpillars are harmless to humans, yet they can cause painful stings. Caterpillar hairs have the potential to cause allergic responses in some persons. Itching, agony lasting several minutes, and itchy welts and red spots resembling hives are all signs of an allergic reaction to hair stings. Immediately after the sting, these red areas might induce a burning sensation that lasts a few minutes. 

Several moth caterpillar species can cause Lepidopterism and caterpillar dermatitis. These skin disorders are frequently brought on by direct contact with moth or butterfly larvae or their excrement. Adult moths have been known to cause certain skin diseases, but they are rare. The venomous stings and allergic reactions that moth caterpillars can induce are among the 50 or so species that have been identified in Australia. Compared to the tens of thousands of moth species, this is a tiny fraction of the total.

The Steps for Moth Control We Follow

  • Moth Inspection:

You can count on us to conduct a comprehensive inspection of your house or company once you have called us. A thorough investigation will be conducted to determine the type of insect, the infestation source, the damage’s severity, and more to plan an absolute Moth Control Ellenbrook service.

  • Specific Chemical Treatment

Specific chemical pest management is utilized worldwide and it is highly effective. It’s decently efficient in most circumstances. In many cases, it is the only viable solution. Carpet Moth Extermination is also part of our moth control service. When it comes to exterminating moths or any other pests, you should look at both the pros and disadvantages of chemical pest management.

Moth Prevention Advice: Follow And Keep Moths Away

To keep moths out of your home or business, you must find a technique to keep them from getting in. Once inside, moths deposit their eggs in wardrobes and cupboards, where clothing and other textiles are stored and could be harmed. These are places that are dark and rarely disturbed.

  • The use of fly screens and vacuum cleaning —

Draw the curtains at night to keep moths out of your home, or seal your doors and windows during the day to keep them out. Generally, you should vacuum your carpets at least once a week. Vacuum under large furniture and sofas periodically to eliminate moth eggs before they hatch.

  • Store textiles in airtight containers —

A sealed plastic bag or suitcase can be used to keep fabrics safe from moths for long periods.

  • Clean clothes –

Clean your clothes entirely before storing them to avoid attracting moths.


How to Get Rid of Infested Clothes and Blankets?

Infested clothing, blankets, and linen must be washed at a high temperature and dried in the sun. Keep moth eggs and larvae out of your delicate clothing by sealing it in an airtight bag and freezing it.

When Food Is Damaged, What Should I Do?

Moth eggs are innocuous, but it’s better to get rid of the infested food and store the rest in an airtight container, and you may also use insect traps to keep the problem from recurring.

How Safe Is the Pest Control and Extermination Service?

To be safe, the area must be aware of pets before and after the control and removal service, and the room must be thoroughly aired. Despite these precautions, the service is entirely safe.

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