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Your Local Possum Catchers In Ellenbrook: Call Us Now For Setting Cages And Catching Possums

Choose our team for possum removal Ellenbrook and get the best possum catchers in the town today.  We are a possum removal company which has offered the best services to customers for many years. Our local possum catchers will come to your place and set cages to catch possums. We are a team that is involved in humane possum removal. 

How To Identify possums?

Common possums typically weigh between 9 and 13 pounds and are around 2.5 feet long. Silver with white points surrounds his body, and his coarse fur is coarse. They have black paws, black ears, and a white face. They are a skilled climber because of the five toes on each foot, and also possess a prehensile, hairless tail. With his pointed snout, strong teeth, and dark, beady eyes, he can easily dispatch small wildlife, including snakes, poultry, and birds. 

How Do We Remove Possum From Your Property?

Our treatment process is as follows-

  • Setting up a cage and fruit in a cage

First, we’ll set up the cage for possums with some fruits or other items they like to eat. We place a piece of bread or fruit in a cage trap (also called a live trap). We use a cage trap with a minimum dimension of 10 by 12 by 32 inches. Our professional will place the cage trap in a possum-friendly shaded area. The animal won’t suffer heat or cold before being freed by setting the cage trap in a shady place.

  • Going to leave after capture

After catching the possums, we for Possum Removal Ellenbrook will leave them away from your home. 

  • By Law, we can not relocate them more than 50 meters away

We respect the law and can not leave the possums 50m away from the location. 

  • Multiple visits

If the problem does not resolve at 1 time, we will do multiple visits till the problem is not solved. 

Why Do You Need Possum Removal?

There are many reasons to do the possum removal-

  • They wreak havoc in the garden

Your beautiful garden will be messed up by these possums. Call us and get the possum pest control and possum removal cost details. 

  • A threat to your pet

They can also harm your pets and can irritate them. 

  • Diseases!

There is no confusion that possums can spread diseases to humans. 

  • They can make your house a mess

The most frustrating thing is that they can mess up your home in a little time. 

  • The dead possums

Dead possums attract insects and pests. They can spread smell. 

How Can We Help In Maintaining A Possum Free Property?

Our services are as follows-

  • Residential Possum Removal

Welcome to Ellenbrook’s preferred possum controllers. We offer a possum removal service. We provide a removal and control method for possums that is professional, effective, safe, efficient, and humane. 

  • Commercial Possum Removal

When it comes to defending commercial and industrial premises from possum infiltration and attack, our Possum Catchers have a plethora of expertise. We will perform an in-depth evaluation of the existing condition of your structure, take care of the immediate possum issue, and provide you with the necessary guidance when formulating long-term possum-proofing methods for your building or structure. We can create a customized, end-to-end solution tailored to your needs. 

  • General Possum Inspection

We for Possum removal Ellenbrook offer general possum Inspection at reasonable rates for customers. Get dead possum removal inspection and possum removal service at affordable prices. 

Emergency Possum Removal Service: Call Us And Set Cages Within An Hour

We provide customers with the best emergency possum removal services at the best rates. The only safe way to humanely remove possums is to contact a professional pest control service. We are experts and possess the knowledge necessary to remove a possum without endangering them. When provoked, possums are capable of inflicting severe injuries. Additionally, your local pest control expert is familiar with the relevant laws about eradicating these pests from your property.  

Why Hire Us For Your Possum Removal Ellenbrook Needs?

Our Possum Removal Ellenbrook team is so popular and hard-working among other ones. The reasons why people choose us are- 

  • Eco- friendly

As everyone knows, eco-friendly methods are our priority. We use cages to trap possums and relocate them to safer places.  

  • Affordable

Our Possum Removal Ellenbrook services are one of the most affordable, providing top quality. 

  • Certified Professional

Every technician on our team is experienced and certified. 

  • Same Day Possum Removal Service

As you call us, our highly experienced pest controllers will reach your home immediately and start the process. 


Will we provide guaranteed work?

Yes, we provide only guaranteed and certified possum removal work. Humane possum removal is the theme of our works and services.

How many cages are needed for trapping one possum?

One or two cages are used for catching one possum. You should know that more cages mean more charges. 

Can you remove possums from roof caves?

We can remove possums from anywhere on your property.

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