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The purpose of the termite inspection is to determine if there are termites on your property. Termite inspections are the best when left to the specialists, just as termite removal is. It is recommended that all residences get a visual termite inspection at least once a year, according to the Australian Building Standards Advisory Council and the Australian Standards. We are your local Termite Inspection Ellenbrook experts for timely services in Ellenbrook. 

Termite Presence Can Be Detected By Looking For The Following Signs

Prevent termite damage to your house by regularly checking for termite indications and having a termite protection plan, including an annual termite inspection, installed by a trustworthy company. This alleviates the stress of having to deal with new termite damage.

The following are the most common symptoms of termite activity:

  • Wood Flooring with Blisters

Termites may be feasting on the wood in these places or blisters. Subterranean termites can damage the subfloor, resulting in the appearance of water damage on the wood flooring in your home.

  • Damaged or Hollowed Wood

Behind and beneath surfaces, including walls, flooring, and more, can be found wood damage that needs to be repaired. Termites chewing on wood in search of cellulose can leave behind long grooves that cause this. These groves weaken the wood over time, causing structural harm to the building. Hollowed wood has a honeycomb-like interior and a droning, empty sound.

  • Swarm evidence

Closed windows, doors, and other access points to the home can be found with discarded termite wings. They do this when out in the open and looking for somewhere to settle down and build a colony. Termites purposely remove their branches upon landing so they will not be reliant on them in the future.

  • Tubes of Mud

It is not uncommon to see small mud tubes near your house or other potential food sources like a tree. That’s because termites forage up to their food supply, usually a house structure, by nesting underground and hurrying up to it. Temperature and humidity must be just right for these termites to thrive. Using their tunnels, you may create a warm, moist habitat where they can thrive. 

  • Termite Droppings from Drywood

Drywood termites build their colonies underground. Tunnelling and devouring the wood they are infesting create galleries that the invading insects enjoy keeping clean. Their waste is expelled by kicking out holes, which they dig themselves. And because dry wood termites eat wood, their excrement consists of wood pellets, which form mounds. Drywood termites may be seen in the form of piles of shells that resemble sawdust or coffee grounds.

Termites Are On The Lookout: Make Sure You’re Aware Of Where Termites Can Have An Effect

  • Structure-destroying termites

Termites primarily feed on cellulose. Everything is made of wood, including bridges, poles, houses, and barns. Termites have caused extensive damage to wooden structures and buildings in several cases. Many historic buildings have been damaged or destroyed due to termite infestations.

  • Termites are a problem in the forestry industry

Plantations and urban forestry are frequently targeted by termites, which can have a severe impact. Some species can kill trees that appear to be healthy. These pests can harm the roots of trees, debark plant rings, and kill plants. Termites have varying degrees of impact on trees depending on where they live. Termites, for example, infest 40% to 60% of trees in Southern Hilly terrain.

  • In agriculture

Termites can also damage plants and crops. Some plants, such as rice, wheat, sunflowers, and beans, are vulnerable to termite attack. Other susceptible plants include yam, cassava, cassia, and guava. From seed to fully mature plant, termites can destroy crops at any stage of development. The plants are then killed as a result.

Treatments Provided By Our Pest Control Team In Ellenbrook

The soil-applied barrier treatment is the most frequent method for termite infestations. To be used in barrier therapies, termiticides must be clearly labelled. If these treatments are carried out wrong, there is a risk of compromising drinking water supplies and preventing termites from entering. Because of this, we have qualified and trained pest management professionals.

  • Physical barrier

Estimates put the expense of repairing termite damage higher than that of all-natural disasters put together. Their relentless destruction of your property is the reason. Sometimes, even a Bajan-built building slab will crack, allowing termites to infiltrate your house from underneath. A Physical Termite Barrier is used for protection against termites and moisture under or around the slab and around pipe penetrations. It provides long-term protection for your property without the need for constant reapplication of chemicals.

  • Chemical barrier

The three chemicals used to eliminate and kill termites are Altriset, Termidor and Termiticides in Ellenbrook. Non-Repellent Termiticides and Repellent Termiticides are the two main types of termiticides now available on the market. We use them to frame chemical barriers against termites. 

  • Timber protection barrier

We conduct inspections for Termites, Decay, and Borers of Seasoned Timbers by Australian Standards. Termite infestations and damage caused by subterranean and damp wood termites (white ants), borers of seasoned timber, and wood-decaying fungi (rot) will be reported in the Inspection and resultant Report.

  • Spraying and Termite treatment

One of the most common termite treatments is spraying chemicals on the ground and beneath termite-infested structures. However, termiticide spraying was not always safe, even though it effectively killed termites. Spraying chemicals to kill termites has several unintended consequences, including contaminated healthy water, pond pollution, and indoor air. It’s good that termiticides have improved over the years, as they are now safer and more organic.

  • Termite Colony Removal:

Swarming termites or only their wings might tell you if you have a significant infestation problem on your hands. Termites are a problem, and our pest management expert can determine the amount of the infestation and take appropriate measures for Termite Colony Removal.

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A pest infestation must be dealt with immediately. It’s a good thing that Pest Control Ellenbrook is one of Ellenbrook Australia’s top-rated termite inspection companies and the most reliable company for same-day pest treatment and prevention services. A thorough white ants inspection, eco-friendly pesticide, and post-checkup will ensure that your property is entirely pest-free right away. We will arrive at your location within an hour of receiving your booking confirmation.

For these reasons, we are your best choice:

  • All seven days of the week, prompt response and booking are accessible.
  • Pest control services are available to business and residential locations in Ellenbrook on weekends and public holidays.
  • If you’re looking for affordable pest control services in Ellenbrook, go no further than us!
  • Our Termite Inspection Ellenbrook professionals are highly educated and qualified to guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • We offer a wide range of customized Termite Inspection Ellenbrook options to match your needs.


Are chemicals and sprays used toxic for the family?

No, we exclusively use pyrethrum-based, pyrethroid-based, and botanical-based sprays, dust, and gels. They are not harmful to humans. 

Is there going to be a significant odour after the procedure?

No, because our services are odourless, it’s the best aspect of using them. We only employ odourless or low-odour ‘pest control agents’ to ensure that there is no insecticidal residue in your house.

After the therapy, will we have to get out of the house?

You should leave the house until the spray has completely dried, not for any harmful reasons but to avoid slipping on wet surfaces and increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

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